Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Half the battle

I'm off from work today. I came really close to going in anyway but... oh, that's right, I'm an ass. Instead I am at home watching old video recordings from Broadway musicals. Last week I bought the LP of Ben Franklin in Paris - for absolutely no reason except that I need to justify having a record player (and "because I'm a toolbox" doesn't count). Today - wonder of wonders - I discover that has a clip from my favorite number in the show.

If you'll excuse me, I need to go watch "I Am What I Am" and cry.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Blogs are for quoting other people

"For example, if I were to find out - like I did today - that I was going to see Kenneth Branagh, I would get a bikini wax. And I'd bleach my mustache."

- Someone I shouldn't identify

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Oh, love!

My friend "Holly" had this fellow over to her apartment. The conversation turned, as it does, to how he would kill her should the need arise. He said he'd strangle her. She said he couldn't. He said he could. She said he couldn't. He came at her with his hands around her throat to prove that he could - theoretically - choke her. And then he says

"Nah, I'm not gonna strangle you. How 'bout I kiss ya?"

And then they made out.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Breaking News

I think I caught pregnant. Not that I'm having a kid or anything wild like that. I took Intro to Organismal Biology (twice) so I know what needs to go down first. Rather, I think I stood too close to a pregnant lady somewhere and have caught her pregnancy symptoms. What follows is hard and fast anecdotal evidence.

1. I woke up nauseous this week (twice). (Morning Sickness!)

2. Today, I was standing in the laundromat watching Pay It Forward on TNT. When it gets to the end (!spoiler alert!) and the whole community gathers to bid farewell to Helen Hunt's dead son, revealing just how much he has taught the world - including the town bullies who look really, really sorry that he's dead - it took all of my restraint not to weep openly. That part is not weird. I have a heart, good for me. What's weird is this was the only part of the movie I saw - ever. I walked in, saw the candles and sad Helen Hunt and having invested absolutely nothing in the movie, nearly had a public breakdown. Because I'm hormonal. Because of the pregnancy. Because of the baby someone else is having.

Then Cellular came on and I almost cried again but for different reasons. The other side of the laundromat was playing National Lampoon's Vacation but it was too crowded over there so I read a book: What Not to Expect When You're Not Expecting. Jay Kay! It was Pride and Prejudice.