Thursday, October 18, 2007

PSA (Personal Service Announcement)

Are you a tall person? Are you within two standard deviations of the national height average? Are you not very, really, very short? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions then this PSA is for you.
Hey you! Do you know how sometimes you're standing in the subway train? And you have that luxury of holding on to either the vertical bar or the horizontal bar above your head? That must be a nice feeling: choice. Well, not everyone has that freedom. Some of us are not tall enough to reach that horizontal bar. Some of us need the vertical bar. Without it, we must stretch uncomfortably in constant concern that our shirt is riding up in an unattractive way. Or we go bar-less and have to play the "I will pretend I am a tree. I can feel my roots stretching into the ground. I will not fall over. Don't fall over. Don't. fall. down" game. Yes, it's a real game. So please, if you find yourself on a crowded subway car, move away from the vertical bars. For every time that you don't, there's a short person who feels like this:

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