Friday, September 19, 2008

I don't remember exactly why, but college radio came up in a conversation I had this past week. Since then, I've spent a significant portion of time thinking about the basement under Schneider, plaid couches, transmitters, boys in skinny ties, and seafood madness. Also, about the art of broadcast radio.

I have nothing specific to add to that, except a suffocating desire for a time machine. I will maybe be more thoughtful later.

I was just overwhelmed by the flash-memory that somewhere out there a very creepy music engineer has a roll of pictures taken while the e-board played flip-cup with a marginally successful indie-band while Kate's thirteen year-old sister sat in the corner.

Oh, Electric Ladyland - how I miss thee.

Also, Blue Plus just walked into my office wearing full-body cardboard boxes with cut out arms and drawn-on faces.

Just when I worry I'll never go back to that life again...

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