Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dear Mom,
Do you have our DVD of When Harry Met Sally? If I can't crawl into bed and watch it on weekend nights, I am going to start making decisions you won't agree with. Love, Nicole
PS - I can only watch Moonstruck so many times

Dear my idea to leave the apartment at 11:30pm last night and meet Dru at a bar on the Upper West Side,
I thought I was really going to regret you in the morning, but it seemed to work out. When you get a chance, please let My Decision to Get a Slice of Buffalo Chicken Pizza at Freddie's at 1am know that it was spicy but ultimately good. Thanks, Nicole

Dear The Shower,
Sorry I did not see you this morning. Running late. Maybe later? xoxo, n

Dear Book I am Reading,
We need to end this. I am less than halfway through and you are dragging me down, man. We can get lunch and talk about this if you want. Nicole

Dear everyone,
Do you own a DVD copy of the Truth About Cats and Dogs? I need it for a class tomorrow. Seriously.
Thanks, N

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