Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nikki missed work yesterday because of the snow.

Nicole: interesting, thank you for the update, i should really subscribe to the newsletter
Nicole: hahahahaha. ok, that too
me: okay. I might regret this...but do you want to get a cheeseburger later? it's all I thought about yesterday and is part of why I was so sad.
Nicole: that is so wierd, i was just typing a message saying I was going to want lunch. yes, i want a cheeseburger
me: I'm trying not to cry right now
Nicole: do they have non-sweet fry options?
me: yes. we can have regular fries. because caring about someone means compromise.
Nicole: look, you're already learning! I was going to make a comment about our future cheeseburger experiences but i'll control myself
me: wait. what future cheeseburger experiences? talk to me about the future, Nikki. promise me things.
Nicole: nope, this will only work if we keep it in the moment
me: you're right. god, I hate that you're right.

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