Saturday, March 7, 2009

Whenever I get into a Dire Laundry Situation (DLS), I fantasize about taking extreme measures like reaching into my closet and wearing a dress or a skirt. For no formal reason.

Last night it looked like I was approaching a DLS so I had mentally prepared myself to do something I'd been fantasizing about for awhile: wear a skirt with a band t-shirt and a cardigan. You know, like a girl in a movie. An independently filmed movie.

Unexpectedly, I got up early enough to deal with the DLS before leaving our apartment. And is for the living. I did it anyway.

I'm wearing a skirt, guys. And leggings. And I can't remember if that last part is okay or not.

The thing is, I only own one skirt and it's purple, which is hard to match. So the t-shirt and skirt don't match. Also, the thing that happens whenever I move to the left of "T Shirt and Jeans" is that it looks less like I've dressed fancy and more like I'm in costume.

So. I look like I'm in costume but I can't decide what costume that is...maybe it's one of those concept costumes. Yes. There's a very real possibility that I'm dressed up as My Own Inability to Execute Ideas.

Also, sneakers were a bad call.

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