Friday, September 5, 2008

Do you know how sometimes people are like "If I could marry any character from a Victorian novel it would be -" and then they finish the sentence?

You do.

Mine is Mr. Rochester. Duh.

Samantha, who would yours be?


Samantha said...

Does Sherlock Holmes count? I know he's only in short stories, but I love him and tend to find most characters in Victorian novels a bit too crazy emotional. Like Heathcliffe, for example. Or anyone in Dickens.

But if I can pick Sherlock Holmes (since you already took the broody, dark, and tormented Mr. Rochester), that's who I pick. he's so attractively together and lacking in stupid.

nicole m therese said...

Sherlock Holmes is a very good choice. Don't tell Feldman, but I still like when men wear tweed.