Friday, September 5, 2008

You know how sometimes people are like "If I could have live in any time period/location it would be -" and then they finish the sentence? Yeah. You know. I don't do that. But I do know that "If there were any time period I would absolutely not go back in time and live in it would be the French Revolution." It. seems. scary.

But I love musicals about the French Revolution.

By which I mean, I don't really like Les Mis but I love The Scarlet Pimpernel and I loved Tale of Two Cities because it reminded me of Scarlet Pimpernel with flashes of Jane Eyre but only because of the lead actor.

Excerpts from below.

I'll warm you. I'll rouse you.

Yes, please.

ETA: Please see Samantha's comment below about the time differences referenced in the musicals above. And technically, The Scarlet Pimpernel is about the Reign of Terror. In my opinion, if a musical is set in France, and there's fighting, and everyone has different classes of British accents in order to distinguish themselves - it's a musical about the French Revolution.


Samantha said...

Except that Les Mis was totally about a way more boring period in French history, when everyone was all, "I'm divided. On the one hand, clearly revolution can make a difference and change things! On the other hand, this is something like the fifth or sixth government since the first revolution and I'm a little tired of all this flip-flopping and getting our collective butts kicked by the English. Maybe we should just take a rest and deal with our current monarchy?"

nicole m therese said...

1) I love you
2) You know everything after the 13th century is all the same to me, right?

Samantha said...

You know, the subtle difference in time period in Les Mis was pretty unclear to me until I actually read the book and looked at the dates. I spent a lot of time being confused about timelines while listening to the soundtrack.

And yes, I do know that everything after the 13th century is all the same to you.

Also, I love you, too, and not just because your frequent blog posts are making my work day way more interesting. Desk jobs, hooray!