Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I don't like science.

I like science fiction. I think that's fun.

But science in real life? No thank you. I have a very pretentious Tom Stoppard quote (entirely removed from context) at the ready for situations like this but I'll refrain.

I mean, I do like Radiolab.


I make an admirable attempt to remain up-to-date on world affairs. But when it comes to science stuff? No sir, no thank you. I'll skip that section of the paper, please pass the scones.

So I am reeling from something you all must have known about already.

Witness this recent gchat conversation.

Anna Adams: did you know the world might end tomorrow?
me: ...
me: ANNA
Anna: oh, right. they're kicking on the worlds biggest super collider at 3:30am eastern. and tossing a bunch of protons together.
me: ...
Anna: and it miiiiiiiiiiiiiight form some black holes.
Anna: but we're not supposed to worry
me: I want to be 23
Anna: ?
me: tomorrow is my birthday
Anna: oh shit
Anna: happy birthday
me: why are they doing that?
Anna: for science

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Six Sider said...

To be fair, what the Large Hadron Collider will do actually happens in the real world all the time (just very very rarely and we never get a chance to see it). And if it creates a blackhole in will be a very very tiny one and will only exist for a split second. Besides, tomorrow they are only turning the collider on in one direction so no actual colliding will go on.

So you will see 23.

Yay! Science!