Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm about to introduce you all to a very special, very important part of my life.

Meet Blue Plus.

Blue Plus does bits.

Blue Plus comes into my office every Thursday to discuss the non-negotiable stamp across their paycheck.

Blue Plus' motto is "Safety, Fun, THEN Learning."

Blue Plus "hired" me as their Production Administrator a few months ago, and will frequently call me into the production suite for group meetings (finishing crossword puzzles).

Blue Plus is the name they gave themselves. Robbie hired them last year to work freelance on a few smaller projects. He also gave them some tools and told them to differentiate from the rest of the shop supplies. When they finished tagging the tools, they started tagging different parts of the office.

Blue Plus has no official affiliation whatsoever.

Blue Plus is what would happen if you put the 4077th, the Muppets, and a Boy Scout Manual in a blender.

This summer, about half of the members have been touring around eastern Europe. The rest have been pursuing side projects. My life has been a little bit emptier.

Today, they are all in the same country again. And at 4pm, we have a team meeting.

I was discussing Blue Plus with another girl in the office. We agreed that separately they're all just enjoyable young men. Collectively, I have the crush of a lifetime.

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