Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We begin with Heidi's facebook status. What follows are the comments left.

Heidi is packing, laundering, showering, cleaning, throwing out, freaking out, and watching Kevin Kline in that movie where he's the president. 11:25am - 18 Comments

Nicole at 11:26am September 30
El Dorado?

(Get it? That's a joke because obviously she meant Dave).

Nicole at 11:26am September 30
Shoot. I should have said "Wild, Wild West"? BECAUSE I WOULD STILL BE RIGHT.

Ali at 11:29am September 30
The Big Chill?

Brian at 11:30am September 30
I believe the film in question is "Dave." A quirky look-a-like is put into the place of the President when the president falls into a coma, meanwhile Kevin Kline gets nasty with the First Lady. That's what I call a quality flick...

Brian at 11:36am September 30
He wasn't the president in Wild Wild West! Now, children, THIS is what's wrong with the country. Blatantly wrong fact checking...

Brian at 11:37am September 30
And not enough of an obsession with Kevin Kline films. Of course, I use the term film loosely, at least in the case of Wild Wild West.

Ali at 11:38am September 30
Wasn't he disguised as the president for about 3 minutes in an attempt to misdirect the evil deeds of Kenneth Branaugh?

Nicole at 11:46am September 30
You're an asshole, Brian. He played Ulysses S. Grant at the end of the movie.

Rebecca at 12:12pm September 30

Eric at 12:29pm September 30
If I remember correctly, Sigourney Weaver's character makes some very morally questionable choices in that movie. I suppose it's all in the name of "love" and "character development".

Brian at 2:53pm September 30
I submit evidence A. IMDBitch it Yo!


Heidi at 2:58pm September 30
Actually, Brian, if it doesn't count that he dresses up as Ulysses S. Grant, then it ALSO doesn't count in DAVE, since he spends the entire film "dressed" as the president, not AS the president. On on unrelated topic, it made me a little uncomfortable how sexy Kevin was in this movie. I mean, seriously ladies (and Eric), let's talk about that showe... Read Morer scene where Sigourney realizes he's not her husband because of his, well, you know....

Nicole at 3:00pm September 30
You guys are all idiots. Kevin Kline plays the real President at the beginning of Dave when he's banging Laura Linney on the floor and has a heart attack (spoiled!) And Kevin Kline plays Artemus pretending to be Grant AND Grant in the movie. He does. Trust me. I am having a movie watching party soon.

Nicole at 3:04pm September 30

Nicole at 3:05pm September 30
NOW I AM GOING TO ACTUALLY POST THE LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnNEtWtXsYs

Brian at 3:08pm September 30
After further review I submit that the character is playing at President, which is somewhat similar to the character in Dave playing at President... Therefore, I might, perforce, may have put my foot in my mouth. Le sigh. You were right, Nicole. How can I ever make it up to you? And to you, Ali, though I do not know you, I apologize for my ass... Read Morehole ways. All I can say is that I am disturbed with the impending vacancy of my lovely girlfriend.

Nicole at 3:09pm September 30
Also, here's a wikipedia plot summary where they point out that Grant and Gordon are in the same room quite a few times. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wild_Wild_West_(film).

Brian, do you want to come over and watch Wild Wild West and cry about our mutual loss?

Brian at 3:15pm September 30
I would love to come over and watch Wild Wild West and cry. I'll bring the mac and cheese. Have you seen the Kevin Smith video I posted about Wild Wild West?

In the interest of full disclosure, I was 50% having fun and 50% really upset. I should also point out that Brian is Heidi's boyfriend and one of my absolute, favorite persons on this green earth.

Still, he's clearly an idiot.

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