Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hi guys. I'm wearing men's deodorant.

See, I ran out yesterday and stopped at the Rite Aid to buy some. All they had were fruit and powder scented stuff for ladies. I'm a "shower clean" kind of girl. I'm real, real picky about smells. I hate powder smells. (You hear that babies? You stay away with your powder.) Guys get way better scent options than women do. And, oh man, do I love the way boys smell.

Anyway, I bought the guy stuff. Every once in awhile, I'll stretch or raise my arms or move in such a way that I catch a scent of it and I'll think "ooh, who is that?" and then I'll experience the crippling disappointment of realizing it's me. I am my imaginary office boyfriend.


ruby sneakers said...

i used to use a mousse that smelled like men's cologne (it was for curly hair and was from suave so i don't think it was for men).

i had those same 'ooh what man smells GOOD in here?!' and it was me moments. le sigh.

they changed the scent shortly after i started buying it.

not enough dudes realize we want them to smell good. or at the very least, like a pine-strewn forest floor.

Jesse said...

You smelled like fruit when I met you. I know that's a weird thing, but it was like, a really nice fruity smell--not like any actual fruit smells, but like, fruit scented--and I still think of you when I smell it. I have a really strong sense of smell and an intense, like, nostalgia center. So, if you want to cancel dinner bc that's too weird, I'll understand. Let me know.

Aa said...

i totally use old spice.
and love it.