Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm reading Hillary Rodham's Student Commencement speech from the Wellesley College Class of '69 graduation.

According to lore, the first portion of this speech was written during the ceremony in response to earlier remarks from an invited speaker. I think having the context of that earlier speech would be immensely helpful in understanding Rodham's point. I'm having trouble expressing my own feelings about HR's speech - and I'm not sure what made me read it now. I have a very, very sentimental attachment to the idea of late 60s Hillary. In spite of all the moments when her text becomes passionate but incoherent, the speech is immensely moving (for me anyway) for the glimmer of a person it reveals.

Also, the whole point of this blog post was to draw attention to the following:

We protested against the rigid academic distribution requirement.

Thank you. The only thing in my entire existence I've ever wanted to take up arms against. Yup, Wellesley College Science Classes - the social injustice of it all.

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