Sunday, September 21, 2008

Listen, listen, listen.

I used to listen to podcasts a lot when I was commuting. I don't anymore. I went home to my 'rentals house this weekend and had time on the train out of Hoboken (there's potential for a second entry here - if I wanted to go into my incredible, frightening, non-functional temper when it comes to unreliable public transportation). I listened to an old RadioLab podcast from March. See, you guys? I talk smack about science but I try to understand it. The topic that week was "(So Called) Life", focusing in the latter acts on bio-engineering. You think particle physics makes me nervous? We should talk about bio-engineering sometimes. Really, we should not.

Anyway - go listen to it. Now. They get particularly quirky after the first half-hour. ("FREEMAN DYSON") I like that Robert articulates the exact same fascinated terror that I'm feeling. And Jad is dreamy. Not just radio dreamy. Real life dreamy too.

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