Thursday, September 18, 2008

My status: my tongue burns

Julie: Stop making out with dragons

Matt (Julie's other-half): I hear you've been making out with dragons.
me: boy you guys. you guys and your bits
Matt: we've fused into one person. sadly, you only get about 5% more humor for the combo
me: great
Matt: gotta run, the woman is making do dishes.
me: wow
Matt: she's actually yelling from the kitchen about dirty dishes
me: hit her
Matt: yeah. I plan on it. with a frying pan.
me: yup
Matt: you are going to show this her her, aren't you?
me: nope
me: posting on my blog
Matt is typing…
Matt: oh great. Well, for the record, you are the one that suggested that I hit her.
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