Saturday, September 6, 2008

Things that seem like a good idea on 1.5 beers and 2.5 hard ciders:

- Talking about female autonomy
- Talking about the twelfth century - but not really - just bringing up the twelfth century a lot as a reference point for anything
- Interrupting conversations to shout "What's your favorite movie?" and not even remembering the answer (ETA: Singing in the Rain and Apocalypse Now. BAM.)
- Emptying the contents of my bag onto the table (special thanks to Katey for getting them back in)
- The Incident
- Saying the words "Listen. Listen. Listen" a lot and then not following up with anything.
- Holding but not opening an umbrella in the rain
- Math

Mostly talking at all seems like a good idea but is not.

Guys, I am not even scratching the surface.

I'm pretty sure I owe a few people an apology. I think that because I woke up this morning to a note-to-self written on the back of my Con Ed bill

You might owe [omitted] an apology.

Also, you should really clean your room because this pen was hard to find.

Drunk, I call it like I see it.

You guys, these blog posts have been misleading. It's not that I drink a lot. It's that I never drank until it was legal and I'm just playing catch-up.

Nonetheless, welcome to what I'm going to call "Sober Til October '08."


Streisand said...

I'll make you fail "Sober Til October '08." pretty quickly.

nicole m therese said...

I feel like our roommate-ship is going to result in a lot of personal growth for me.

ruby sneakers said...

wait... were we talking about marriage customs in the 12th century? or was that a different late night drunken grassroots conversation?

nicole m therese said...

I'm pretty sure you were talking about clandestine marriages at some point. And I think I just tend to reference my affection for the twelfth century whenever possible. C. Scott might be able to shed more light.