Monday, October 13, 2008

Myers-Briggs personality test via Leila.

I'm INFJ. What are you?

No, seriously. Take it.

I'm only posting this because I did this test two months ago and got the same results. Since I second guess myself, that usually doesn't happen with tests. But it did. Congratulations Mssrs Myers and Briggs. (Right?)

Also I am the same personality type as Mother Theresa. Bam.

And Martin Van Buren.

And Carrie Fisher.

One of those is cooler than the others.

No, it's not the President.


sedated said...

INFP - it says I'm a healer. Pretty sure that delegitimizes it for me.

Jesse said...

I got ISFJ--totally different from what I used to get in high school, when I was unpopular and had not learned how to study or stage manage. Once I learned how to have friends I discovered I was overwhelmed by them and once I learned how to do things in a methodical, rational way I discovered I'm kind of anal and type-A. So it goes.

Anonymous said...

ENFJ. Entirely Needy, Foolhardy Jerk. Nailed me. Me, Pope JP2, Oprah, John Wooden and Gorbachev. Is that a party group, or what?

Sarah Hope said...

I'm an INFJ too!!!! It's the least common. We're either really terribly wonderfully unique. Or just plain weird.

ruby sneakers said...

the last time i took it, i was ENFJ. i think i used to get ENFP in HS, but i am not positive.

BB said...

I got ESFP, which is a first. I always got introverted in high school, but I guess a bunch's changed? I dunno. We'll see! :)