Sunday, November 30, 2008

Does anyone know how to treat 3rd degree rug burn?

I went home for Thanksgiving and fell into old habits. I was flash-dancing in my childhood bedroom (as you do) and slid across the carpet (as you do) and now I have a pretty nasty injury on my left ankle. You know, the kind where it turns weird colors and every time it bleeds my sock sticks to it.

Yeah, you're glad I'm back.

Other things from this trip: While New York City buses are immensely charming and enjoyable (ride one sometime - for fun!), the Rockland Coaches transportation system remains as soul crushing as I remembered it being. I take zero responsibility for that year of my life where I was commuting daily and behaved like an empty shell of a person.

My bedroom still doesn't have a functioning fire alarm. This made it much easier to willfully sleep through the other bedroom alarms on Thursday morning when turkey grease spilled on the bottom of the oven and our house thought it was burning. To be fair, that happens whenever someone cooks poultry on Ferris Court so I figured my chances were pretty good.

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Jesse said...

Our smoke detector--in our apartment--is apparently wired to the inside of our oven. Any time we roast anything--poultry, veggies, whatever--and frequently when I bake, despite the utter lack of smoke and the smoke detector being separated from our oven by most of the kitchen and the living room, it goes off once and then again exactly every ten minutes for an hour or two.

We took the train out to Rockland on the day of--the doors opened this time, but it was as zooey as you might guess. Worth it for my great-grandma's stories about having to go out and catch the family donkey to get to church on Sundays back in County Kerry, and lines like "We didn't have a lawnmower--we had eight cows!" and "Why does your sister want to live on a farm, I can tell her about living on a farm!" (because my sister lives on a commune right now.) If my great-grandma were like, eighty, these lines might sound crotchety, but she just turned a hundred and five so they're actually pretty kickass.